Guide for Material Processing

We have prepared helpful information on how to process our different materials. 

Engravers handbook
Tips for Engravers

Our new handbook offers tips and tricks for engraving.

Download Trotec's "Handbook for engravers"

laser engraving sheets
Laser engraving laminates

Read useful tips and tricks on how to achieve the optimum result when laser engraving laminates.

laser engrave thin laminates
TroLase Thins engraving tips

Find application tips and tricks for the lightweight and tough material TroLase Thins.

Manual cutting of engraving materials / laser materials
Manual cutting of Trotec materials

Read our recommendations for manual cutting of our laser and engraving materials.

Achieving a strong, rich tone of the engraved area
Achieving a strong, rich tone of the engraved area

How to achieve a strong, rich tone of the engraved area

LaserPaper Processing Tips

Find application tips and tricks for Trotec's laser-friendly paper products.

TroGlass Mirror app
Laser Processing TroGlass Mirror

Read our recommendations for engraving and cutting TroGlass Mirror.

Digital Print Series
Digital Print Series Tips

Read our tips & tricks to achieve optimal results when processing Digital Print Series laminate.

Engraving Materials
Engraving Materials for Laser Processing

Click here for an overview of engravable laminates.

Cast Acrylic Signage
What is cast acrylic glass?

This article provides an overview about cast acrylic glass and its advantages. Click here for more information.

Cast Acrylic Thumb
Basic Tips for Laser Processing Acrylic Sheets

Read our recommendations for processing sheets of acrylic.

Engravable Wood
Working with Engravable Wood

This article provides an overview about engravable wood and its advantages. Click here for more information.

Processing TroGlass Glitter
TroGlass Glitter Processing Tips

Read our useful tips and tricks on how to achieve outstanding processing results with TroGlass Glitter.

Processing TroLase Foil
Working with TroLase Foil

Read useful tips and tricks on how to work with TroLase Foil and achieve highly-detailed engraving results.

Processing TroCraft Eco
TroCraft Eco Processing Tips

Read our recommendations for laser processing TroCraft Eco.

Storing & Handling TroWood
TroWood Storing & Handling Recommendations

Read our recommendations for storing and handling TroWood products.

Acrylic Processing Guide
Acrylic Processing Tips

Download our guide for tips and tricks on laser processing acrylic.

Photo Engraving
Photo Laser Engraving

Follow these 3 simple steps to achieve a perfect photo engraving with Trotec materials.