What is cast acrylic glass?

Cast acrylic sheets, also known as PMMA, are produced by filling the acrylic liquid ingredients between two glass plates, where the final sheet is cured. The result is a very strong structure, resulting in superior product properties compared to extruded acrylic. 

Advantages of cast acrylic sheets:

  • High quality surface finish
  • Absolutely weatherproof and UV-stable
  • Also over time the surface does not bleach out, turn yellowish or become rough and brittle
  • Perfect light transmission
  • Impact resistance 8 to 10 times higher than glass 
  • Elegant, polished laser cut edges 
  • High resistance to external agents and UV rays
  • Easy to work with (laser cut, laser engrave, bend, glue, thermoform, mill)

Colored acrylic sheets TroGlass

TroGlass series offers a wide range of colored acrylic sheets in various colors, surface properties and grades of transparency. The excellent light transmission and light diffusing properties make TroGlass acrylic glass the number one choice for any backlighted installations, illuminated signage, displays, trophies and awards.

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Working with cast acrylic glass

Cast acrylic sheets can be cut and engraved with a laser machine. Laser cutting allows for a smooth, polished edge and requires minimal post-processing. PMMA can also be heatbent or thermoformed. TroGlass Frosted is particularly well suited for heat bending because the process does not change its rough matte surface.

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