Digital Print Series: Setting new standards in the field of visual communications

Digital Print Series - Discover the possibilities

Trotec’s Digital Print Series laminate line opens the door to a new combination of printing, laser engraving and laser cutting. This product features a specially formulated pre-treatment that ensures high-quality, long-term binding of the printing color. No primer is required when working with this versatile material. Create dynamic, intricate and unique applications with the Digital Print Series.




Digital Print Series – Laser Processing

When laser processing the Digital Print Series, TroLase standard laser parameters can be used.

To achieve a precise, clean cut when working with the Digital Print Series, we recommend printing registration marks on your finished design and processing with the help of the JobControl® Vision camera system. If a registration mark needs to be printed in a dark portion of the print, we suggest adding a white edge. This will enable the camera system to read each mark without assistance.

Digital Print Series – Printing Tip

When working with Digital Print Series products, prepare your print data as usual. If structural effects, such as a brushed or metallic surface, are required for the application, do not use the white print.

Explanation: During the printing process, white is not printed as a color. If white is included in the desired design or image, this area will remain translucent.

Tip: Be sure to clarify your special printing requirements directly when working with a printing shop.

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Digital Print Series – Advantages

Digital Print Series products feature many advantages, including:

  • Ink receptive surface for superior bonding of digital prints
  • Wide assortment of color options available including various metallic finishes
  • Both film and core are designed to have the same laser cutting and engraving capabilities as the TroLase laminate line

EDP award
Digital Print Series – The award-winning product

Along with Trotec’s SP3000 laser cutting machine, the Digital Print Series laminate line was awarded the prestigious European Digital Press Association (EDP) award at FESPA in Hamburg, Germany. During this event, Trotec performed material testing with leading global printing companies such as AGFA and Mimaki.