Engraving materials for laser processing

The typical engraving material used for laser engraving signs, name tags and labels is a two-layer plastic sheet, also known as micro surfaced plastic, "engraver's plastic" or engraving laminate. It consists of a very thin top layer of many different colors that is laminated onto a core layer of a contrasting color. By engraving the material, the top layer is being removed and the core layer appears. It is the most commonly used engraving material for laser processing and it is also suitable for rotary engraving.

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Top layer of the engraving material

The top layer (or "cap") is a very thin, yet durable film. It's chemical composition allows it to be removed easily by laser engraving. Due to the fast vaporization of the top layer, dust rarely occurs. This allows fastest laser processing and minimum cleaning efforts.

There are top layers of engraving materials in a variety of many different solid colors with a matte, satin, or glossy finish. Metallic or even wood patterns are also available. 

Core layer of the engraving plastic sheet

The gauge of the core layer can be between 0,1 mm and 3,2 mm. It is made of acrylic that has been modified in order to increase the flexibility of the material. This acrylic-based core makes it the perfect engraving material to be laser cut. A typical elegant, smooth and polished edge results from laser cutting. The typical characteristics of acrylic make these engraving materials UV stable and perfectly suited for long-lasting applications. Because this material is an extruded material, the thickness of the plastic sheets is consistent. 

The right laser material for each application

In our range of laser engraving materials you can find a wide range of products in many different variations and thicknesses that are suitable for laser engraving and rotary engraving. Browse our Trotec engraving materials range and find the right product to create labels, badges, signs for indoor and outdoor use, awards and trophies, machine labelling, and many more.

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