About TroCraft Eco:

TroCraft Eco is an innovative, environmentally-friendly material made from pure cellulose fiber. Designed with sustainability in mind, this material is produced without using additives and is completely biodegradable and emission-free when laser processed. Because of its versatility, flexibility, and durable formability, TroCraft Eco is perfectly suited for customized, modern applications such as interior design, model making, vehicle construction and tool making.

TroCraft Eco
Determining Optimal Cutting Parameters

In order to achieve optimal cutting results with TroCraft Eco, precise parameter determination is required. Due to its unique characteristics, this material is incredibly easy to laser process and can be cut with very little power residue.

Download our test graphic below to begin perfecting the laser settings. This graphic contains small geometries, which are arranged very closely together. With this graphic, you will discover that even the closely adjacent cutting lines are still dimensionally stable.

Cutting parameters TroCraft Eco
Using the Test Graphic

Because our graphic was created using three different JobControl® colors, it can be used to determine three different desired parameters.

  1. Select the graphic and click "Print"
  2. Set a value for each available color in the parameter database
    • Red is a cut line 
    • Blue is set with a weaker parameter than the red. 1-3 mm Z-offset to influence the line width. Due to defocusing, the diameter of the laser beam is wider than directly in focus
    • Like red, magenta is also a cut line, but the links are also activated in the parameter database
  3. We recommend 1000 Hz for the cutting frequency for all three parameters
  4. Select the smallest lens available. When processing this material, we used a 1.5" lens on one of our Speed Series machines. This material can also be processed with a 2" lens
  5. Insert the material into the laser, focus and start the job
Trotec Tip


If back reflections appear or the quality starts to deteriorate, use less power or a higher cutting speed.


Flexible TroCraft Eco
TroCraft Eco Tips
  • TroCraft Eco is a very flexible and durable material
  • Due to the fiber and cellulose pulp, this material has heterogeneous material properties in the x and y axis. This allows for space-saving positioning when comparing to solid wood products of the same thickness.
  • TroCraft Eco is very easy to laser engrave by printing a graphic at 333 or 500 dpi and sending the graphic to JobControl®. The engraving parameters can be determined by using the grayscale matrix. For white, homogeneous engraving results, it is recommended to engrave in focus and select a medium speed parameter for large area engravings.
  • If the cutting edge has a lot of power residue, it is recommended to increase the power of the vacuum, if possible. Good suction guarantees that the sticky powder particles are removed before they are deposited on the material.