What is TroGlass Glitter?

TroGlass Glitter is made of high-quality cast acrylic with equally distributed glitter throughout each sheet. The glitter particles in the material create a more matte look compared to clear cast acrylic. To ensure durability, TroGlass Glitter products are designed to be color stable and will not bleach or fade when laser processed.

TroGlitter processing tips
Determining Laser Parameters

Because TroGlass Glitter is an acrylic-based material, the cutting parameters for TroGlass can be used when determining optimal laser settings. It may be necessary to increase the power or reduce the speed slightly when cutting the material.

TroGlitter engraving
CO2 Laser Engraving Tips

When engraving TroGlass Glitter sheets, a resolution of 500 dpi is recommended. Because TroGlass Glitter is not transparent, engraving is done on the front of each sheet. When engraving this material, be sure to remove the protective foil from the top.

To achieve a strong engraving contrast, turn on Air Assist. Rapid cooling allows the appearance of the material to be more matte and whiter.

TroGlitter cutting
CO2 Laser Cutting Tips

When cutting TroGlass Glitter sheets, a range between 5,000 and 20,000 Hz is recommended.

An optimally designed exhaust unit is very important when cutting this material. Using an exhaust system while processing TroGlass Glitter sheets will result in a higher quality cut and reduces post processing clean-up.

Using an acrylic cutting table or acrylic lamellae is also recommended for high quality cutting results.