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LaserWood Oak Veneer

new laser wood oak veneer
New: Oak Veneer - more popular than ever

Oak is one of the most sought-after types of wood, so we now offer Oak Veneer in addition to Solid Oak. It is a natural laser material and its vibrant appearance makes our laserable wood the preferred material for timeless, high-quality laser applications.

Signs made from veneered wood panels

Are you looking for a simple, welcoming sign? Then use veneered wood as a base and either add other varieties of wood to it or combine it with our TroGlass series, like this “Home Sweet Home” sign.

personalized signs made from veneered wood
Create detailed and delicate applications

Veneers are not only used for very simple applications, but also for high-quality design elements. Trotec wood panels are carefully selected to ensure that the best and most natural properties of the material are retained, and that the material can be processed with the laser, as best as possible, and therefore very fine details can be worked out.

creative boxes made of veneers
Wine box made of wood

Find out how to make a handy and solid wine box using Trotec veneers. With added personalization, this is the perfect gift for any occasion.

wine box made from veneered wood
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