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Maximum precision in model making

create precise prototypes of architectural models
Precision and quality for your prototype

Make your vision a reality by joining model making with laser technology and laser materials. Laser technology offers you the highest degree of precision in the creation of architectural models. In combination with the right laser materials, you can create true-to-scale 3D replicas with fine details.
Many well-known architectural firms around the world use Trotec laser machines to produce 3D models for architectural, interior design, and urban design projects, enabling their customers to better visualise the final product.

TroCraft Eco - the laser material from reusable resources

TroCraft Eco is the material of choice for laser cutting railway models, architectural designs, or artistic models. TroCraft Eco consists of pure cellulose fiber, produced without additives, is completely biodegradable, and is also emission-free. This durable material is ideal for unique, modern designs due to its stability, flexibility, and malleability. With just a few cuts, for example, you can produce a three-dimensional elephant from our TroCraft Eco laser material.

produce a 3d elephant with your laser
TroLase ADA - the single-layer laser material

TroLase ADA Signage is a single-layer, solid-colored, acrylic-based laminate. From simple wall letters, Braille signage, 3-dimensional, figures, or models for indoor and outdoor use - TroLase ADA Signage is perfect for multi-layered applications.

multi-layered architecture models
TroGlass XT - the acrylic for plug-in applications

Due to the low thickness tolerance, TroGlass XT - an extruded, transparent, acrylic glass - is the ideal laser material for applications with plug connections. Additionally, TroGlass XT is lightweight, weatherproof, and has high impact resistance.

perfect laser material for plug-in applications
The laser in architectural model making

In this video covering "architectural model making," we show you how easy it is to create detailed architectural models with our Trotec Speedy 360 laser and Trotec materials. See how the laser effortlessly processes our TroGlass acrylic and TroCraft Eco wood, among other materials!


A practical learning environment for students in Sheffield, UK

"The Speedy 400 laser cutter has been a huge benefit to the students. ..” - is how Laura Mason - Workshop Manager, University of Sheffield (School of Architecture) - begins her statement when she talks about the countless advantages of a Trotec laser at the University of Sheffield. Architecture students create a range of applications including maps, architectural models, signage, and awards. Although a number of tools are used to produce the models, the main production method has been to use two laser engraving machines.

model of a map created by laser machine
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