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Trotec Launches New Line of Acrylic Engraving Materials

Trotec is pleased to announce the addition of TroGlass – the company's new line of heavy-duty cast acrylic sheets – to its portfolio of engraving materials. Available in a wide variety of colors, textures and transparencies, TroGlass products combine benefits such as clarity and excellent light transmission with advantages such durability and scratch resistance.

The TroGlass series offers a wide range of cast acrylic products in various colors and surface properties to accommodate a broad range of applications, such as signage, display stands, trophies and awards, and many more.
Each product in the TroGlass portfolio comes standard with a plastic laserable mask. This unique feature protects the acrylic from scratching, which reduces scrap and rework, and improves processing results.TroGlass products also offer excellent light transmission and light diffusing properties, making it the number one choice for illuminated signs. When backlighted, the engraved parts allow light to pass through the engraving, illuminating the finished item. When laser cut, TroGlass produces a smooth, polished edge in one process step, with little or no post-processing. Depending on the laser settings, laser engraving the material surface results in a prominent or subtle engraved image.

The TroGlass product line includes acrylics designed for highly specialized applications. For example, TroGlass LED is an optimized cast acrylic sheet, developed specifically to accommodate the requirements of LED back-lighting. Colors are formulated to meet the wavelength of LEDs so that the sheets maintain the same color tone whether backlights are turned on or off. It allows a very good light transmission, and the strong diffusion characteristics eliminate spot effects.

Other specialized TroGlass products include TroGlass Reverse, which is a clear cast acrylic with a colored back layer. Mirrored engraving is done on the back side, so that the colored layer is removed. TroGlass Frosted, another member of the TroGlass family, was designed with a rough matte, "frosted" surface on both sides The frosted surface finish, combined with the intrinsic hardness of cast acrylic, allows for applications where a matte surface and higher material strength and robustness is required.

Presenting Trotec TroGlass


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