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Looking for a laser material that can be engraved on the back?

acrylic colors for colored engraving image

Use our laser materials TroLase Reverse, TroGlass Reverse, or also TroGlass Mirror and apply a laser engraving on the back. A mirror-inverted engraving on the reverse side removes the color layer at the laser engraved areas and the material becomes transparent. These transparent areas can be used to apply any color to create a colored engraving image. With these colors you can create long-lasting and colorful images

Lasered jewelry made from TroLase Reverse

Our reverse materials are not only suitable for special laser engravings to create a colorful image, but also allow for great effects in cutting applications. Like this piece of jewelry made of TroLase Reverse - a transparent acrylic glass with a colored coating on the back.

necklace with laser cut pendant
TroGlass Mirror - the perfect alternative to mirror

TroGlass Mirror is an extruded acrylic glass with a reflective surface. This mirror material can be engraved on the front and back side - engraving on the back side gives the final product a higher quality. The protective film remains on the material until the end of processing, thus protecting it from external influences.

reverse engraved mirror made of acrylic glass
TroGlass Reverse - the laser material for signs and displays!

TroGlass Reverse is a transparent, cast acrylic with a colored coating on the back. Reverse products give a fresh appearance, and their smooth surface allows for easy cleaning.

sign with coloured engraving
Discover also our video

Learn how to laser engrave a sign on the back and how to easily fill the back with colors.


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