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Sustainability at Trotec

environmentally friendly laser engraving
Green Laser Material, Green Laser Applications, Green Building

Green is not just a color - green is the chance to create added value for our world together. Following the principle of "stronger together," we are also committed to making our environment a priority. We are, therefore, introducing 100% biodegradable laser materials, using lasers to eliminate plastic packaging and even constructing buildings.

Nature meets modernity with TroCraft Eco

The 100% biodegradable laser material: TroCraft Eco - is the material that everyone must have worked with at some point. It is perfect for toys, model making in the architectural field, or for any ecologically conscious signage.

biodegradable laser material
Natural food labelling

Today, more and more food is laser marked. This direct marking of fruit, vegetables, or other foods, also known as "natural branding," is of central importance, especially for organic foods, and thus enables the elimination of extra packaging.

natural branding
GreenBuilding Award for the Trotec company headquarters

Sustainability, self-sufficient energy, no CO2 emissions, and Feng Shui design are just some of the unique characteristics of the Trotec company headquarters in Austria. In keeping with the company claim, Trotec is setting new standards not only with its products but also with the comprehensive energy concept of this company building. This Green Building is promoted as a large-scale solar power plant because the majority of the energy required is generated from the sun. The solar energy is stored with the help of a ground storage tank, a buffer storage tank, and a fire-fighting water tank, while the entire power requirement for the building services is produced by the company's own photovoltaic system. This building also uses well water as an energy supplier for heating and cooling, depending on the season.

sustainability at trotec headquarters
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