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Preserve TroWood products with these simple storage and handling suggestions

TroWood Handling & Storage Recommendations

Storing TroWood Proucts

Wood is a living, natural material that offers excellent durability when handled and stored correctly. Because of its heterogeneous characteristics, each wood panel is unique and differences in structure and appearance can occur. While slight visual and physical variations are unavoidable, preservation of the quality and integrity of each wooden panel can be maintained through these simple steps:

  1. Each wooden panel should be stored horizontally and flat
  2. The ideal storage location would be somewhere indoors. If that’s not possible, ensure the panels are being stored in a constantly dry and weatherproof location.
  3. In order to reduce the likelihood of distortion due to fluctuations in humidity, the wooden panels should be wrapped in plastic film or stored in a cardboard package.
  4. An acclimatization period of 48 hours in the desired storage environment and within the original package is recommended, if wooden panels are exposed to extreme changes in climate (ex: due to transportation)
  5. In case the wooden panels are stored as a stack, the top panel should always be covered in order to reduce exposure to humidity.


*For more information regarding the storage and handling of wooden products, please reach out to our materials team at 844-333-3757*

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