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UV- and weatherproof material

uv-resistant engraving materials
Confirmed: UV- and weatherproof laser materials

The increasing demand for exterior signage has given us the opportunity to have our laser materials tested according to the ISO 4892 international standard.  During this process, our laser materials were exposed to UV-fluorescent lighting, heat and moisture under controlled conditions. This simulates real weather conditions. There were three test cycles with a total test time of 1200 hours.

We had the following laser materials from our wide range tested: TroLase, TroLase Metallic Plus, TroLase Reverse, TroLase ADA Signage, TroLase Foil, TroGlass Color Gloss, TroGlass Satins, TroGlass Duo, TroGlass LED, TroGlass Reverse, Anodized Aluminum.

weatherproof laser material

A material is considered to be UV-resistant if it is resistant to ultraviolet (UV) light or sunlight. Our tested materials did not show any chemical reactions in the test phase and did not change. They successfully passed the test. These tested products are marked with an external icon. This icon lets you quickly see if the particular laser material is suitable for exterior use.

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trotec materials for exterior use
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