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Learn how to laser engrave signs

Our tutorial will show you how to easily laser engrave signs from our best selling engraving material TroLase. The step by step guide shows how to import graphics, set the right size and gives you important printing tips.

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Laser engraving tips

Read useful tips and recommendations on how to laser engrave. Learn some laser basics and how to receive the best engraving result.

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laser engraving recommendations
How to find the right parameters

A perfect laser engraving result can only be achieved with the correct laser parameters, so it is important to know how to determine the right parameters for your application. We show you how to find the right parameters.

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Laser engraving plastics

The material most commonly used engraving material used for laser engraving signs, name tags and labels is a two-layer engraving plastic sheet, also known as micro surfaced plastic, laminate or engraver's plastic.

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Laser tutorial playlist

Join our new playlist on your YouTube channel called "Laser tutorials". Here you will find our updated video demonstrations and tutorials.

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