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free trotec webinar series


Trotec offers regulary scheduled webinars, for both customers and non-customers, covering a range of different laser and engraving material topics.  At the end of May we will begin a series of webinars that are focused on Trotec laser and engraving materials.  There will be a topic-specific webinar for each material category, including plastic, laserable acrylics, engravable wood, metals and paper.  Stay up to date with all upcoming webinars and events by following us on socail medai .  

What exactly can you take with you?

The videos not only aim at the best material tips, but also have special guests and deal with current topics like laser applications against the spread of COVID-19. Through the live chat feature questions from customers are answered in real time and many experiences are exchanged about working with Trotec lasers and laser materials.

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trotec webinar with best laser material tips
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