Trotec Digital Print Series

Trotec offers engravable plastic sheet products that are also print receptive. The Digital Print Series line is developed and designed for printing with UV & LED Curing Inks. The surface is pre-treated for superior ink adhesion. The core material is made of modified impact acrylic, making it the perfect product for the combination of printing, laser engraving and laser cutting. 


  • Interior signage
  • Personal identification
  • Point of Sale displays
  • Decorative signs

Sheet size in inch:

Full sheet 24.25" x 49"
Half sheet 24" x 24"
Quarter sheet 12" x 24"

Material Features:

  • Material: Modified impact acrylic, pre-treated for superior ink adhesion

  • Finish: Matte and gloss colors, mirrored, radiant and brushed metal

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    By introducing the Digital Print Series, Trotec is opening the door to a new combination of printing, laser engraving
    and laser cutting processes. Until recently, most substrates printed on had limitations when it came to laser cutting
    and engraving. Now, Trotec Digital Print Series allows combining both processes - digital printing and laser engraving and cutting: 

    • Trotec Digital Print Laminates have an ink-receptive surface, allowing increased bondage of the printed pigments.
      Therefore abrasion resistance and increased durability is realised.
    • The core of the material is made of acrylic, fine-tuned for high quality laser engraving and cutting results.

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