TroPly HiGloss

TroPly HiGloss is a rotary material that is UV-resistant with a high-gloss surface that works well for both indoor and outdoor use. A thick top layer provides extra protection and resistance to scratches and abrasion. The material consists of modified acrylic and is therefore also suitable for laser cutting. For best results, signs should be engraved with a mechanical engraving machine, due to the thickness of the top layer.


  • Exterior & Interior Signs
  • Badges
  • Safety Signs
  • Information Signs
  • Plant Labels
  • Industrial Signs

Sheet size in inch:

Full Sheet 24" x 48"
Half Sheet 24" x 24"
Quarter Sheet 12" x 24"

Material Features:

  • Material: Laminated impact acrylic

  • Engraving depth: 0.015"

  • Cutting method: saw, cutting bits, shear

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