Christmas tree made of TroGlass

Use the TroGlass acrylic to make this unique, crafty Christmas tree. 

christmas tree TroGlass
Required materials
  • Half sheet of 3 mm TroGlass acrylic glass of any color
  • Fabric band or nylon cord
  • Superglue
  • Christmas decoration

What else do you need?

In our example we used a Speedy 400 flexx with 120 Watt and a 2" lens.

You can also use machines of the SP series. If you are using other machines of the Speedy series, please adjust the cutting file according to the table size.


Use the acrylic grid cutting table for perfect cutting results on acrylic. 

christmas tree process options
Step 1: Acrylic Tree Design

Import our design template into your graphic program or make your own design. Send your design to the laser.

Print Settings:

Process mode Standard
Resolution 500 dpi
Cut line none
Halftone color
Others enhanced geometries, inner geometries first

JobControl parameters
Step 2: Laser Process

We used TroGlass acrylic because laser cutting this engraving material creates elegant, polished edges. Position the acrylic engraving sheet into your laser and cover the rest of the table to maximize the exhaust power. Remove the protective foil after the laser process.

Laser parameters to be used:

cutting CO2 30 % 0.2 % 5000
PassesAir AssistZ-Offset
1 on 0


  • Standard laser parameters are already provided in your JobControl material data base. We used the TroGlass cutting parameters optimised for quality.
  • The material parameters of JobControl can be downloaded here.

TroGlass trophy assembly
Step 3: Assemble acrylic rings

To assemble the Christmas tree, thread the bands through the single acrylic rings starting with the smallest one.

Fasten the rings with superglue or knots to hold them in position. In our sample we used a distance of 25 - 30 cm between the rings.

Now decorate the acrylic tree with any items you like by mounting them with the nylon cord.

ATTENTION: Use electrical candles or light chains to illuminate the tree. Do not use candles with real flames for this acrylic tree. 

  • You can add engravings or change the cutting contour and
    individualise the design like that.
  • For a higher tree with more rings use a second acrylic sheet and
    integrate the additional rings into the tree.