Impressive Multi-Layer Acrylic Trophy


Want to make a trophy that really stands out? In this tutorial we show you how you can make an impressive trophy out of individual acrylic layers. Most of the materials can be ordered directly from Trotec.

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Laser Cut Trophy Accessories
What else do you need?
  • 2 binding screws (shaft diameter: 5 mm, length: 40 mm)
  • 20 x washers (external diameter: 10 mm)

For our sample a Trotec Laser, Speedy 400, 120 watts, 2” lens, was used.

Tip: Use an acrylic disc cutting table or acrylic grid table!

TroGlass Acrylic Adhesive
Step 1: Preparation

Open the PDF template and start by defining which colors you want to use for the trophy. Ensure that there is a good contrast between the individual layers.

Tip: When ordering, ensure that the TroGlass Satins 3mm Lemon Green Translucent sheet already has double-sided adhesive film on one side.

JobControl Parameters
Step 2: Laser Process

Cut the 15 elements out of acrylic sheets. For perfect results, we recommend using an acrylic grid table. Cover the rest of the table and remove the TroGlass protective film from the top side.

Tip: Select "Enhanced Geometries" and "Inner geometries first" in Job Control to get beautiful curves and cutting results.

Laser parameters to be used:

Scoring (red): Performance: 5%, Speed: 1%, Frequency: 1000 Hz, Air Assist: ON, Z-Offset: 4mm
Cutting (blue): Performance: 30%, Speed: 0.2%, Frequency: 5000 Hz, Air Assist: ON

The parameters can be downloaded here and imported into your Job Control material database.

TroGlass Trophy Assembly
Step 3: Assembly

To start with, prepare all laser cut TroGlass elements in the correct order and have the binding screws and washers ready.

Tutorial on YouTube

This video will show you how to assemble the trophy: