Create a puzzle from Trotec Digital Print Series

Learn how to make an individual puzzle using Trotec's new Digital Print Series.

What do you need?

Required material:
1/2 sheet Trotec Digital Print Series, matt brushed Aluminum/Black 1.6 mm
1/2 sheet TroLase ADA Signage Polar White 1.6 mm
Photo Frame 30 x 40 mm
Material to cover the working table (e.g. paper)

Machine used: Speedy 400, 120 Watt, 2" lens, vacuum table, acrylic cutting grid

This sample can be produced with any other machine of the Speedy Series.

Tip: There are plenty of free software providers to create the puzzle pieces. You can find them easily on the internet.


Step 1: Create design for your puzzle

Download our graphic or create your own, individual design. With Trotec Digital Print Series, you can achieve stunning metallic effects in your printed images. Find useful tips and tricks on how to create graphics for Digital Print Series here.

Start with sending the 'puzzle engrave and cut' file to the laser.

Print Settings:
Process mode: Standard
Resolution:  600 dpi
Cut line: none
Halftone: Color
Others: Optimized geometries, inner geometries first

Step 2: Laser process puzzle

For engraving, we used the quality-optimized TroLase standard parameters. Due to the complex geometries of the puzzle pieces, we adapted the cutting parameters.

Put the printed sheet of Trotec Digital Print Series on the acrylic cutting grid of your laser. Engrave and cut the design.

Laser Parameters engraving: Color: Black Process: Engrave CO2 Power (%): 40 Speed (%) : 100 ppi/Hz: 600 Passes: 1 Air Assist: on Z-Offset: +1.5 mm Advanced: High quality

Laser Parameters cutting: Color: red Process: Cut CO2 Power (%): 32 Speed (%) : 0.8 ppi/Hz: 5000 Passes: 1 Air Assist: on Z-Offset: - Advanced: -

Laser Parameters cutting: Color: blue Process: Cut CO2 Power (%): 60 Speed (%) : 1.62 ppi/Hz: 5000 Passes: 1 Air Assist: on Z-Offset: - Advanced: -

Important: Engrave from bottom to top. To easily remove the puzzle, take a sheet of paper and put it underneath the cut Digital Print Series sheet, so that you can remove all elements from the laser at once.

Step 3: Cleaning the puzzle

After engraving, clean the puzzle using a damp cloth.

Tips: The easiest way is to leave the material in the laser and have the vacuum activated. This way the parts stay in position during cleaning.

Step 4: Cut base plate from TroLase ADA Signage

The base plate helps to display the puzzle in a frame. Send the graphic to the laser using the settings below.

Process mode: Standard, Resolution:  1000 dpi, Cut line: none, Halftone: Color, Others: -

Put the TroLase ADA on the acrylic cutting grid and cut it out.

Laser Parameters cutting Color: red Process: Cut CO2 Power (%): 65 Speed (%): 2 ppi/Hz: 1000 Passes: 1 Air Assist: on Z-Offset: - Advanced: -

Tip: We used the speed-optimized standard parameters for TroLase ADA in JobControl®.


Print general atmospheric pictures (e.g. sunsets, sandy beaches, flowers,...) on stock and engrave them afterwards according to your customers' requirements.