Trotec's line of wood sheets are available in numerous sizes and types. The high quality finish allows for a vast range of engraving applications. Trotec's line includes solid wood, wood veneer, MDF, and plywood. Trotec's wood advantages are superior cutting, marking and deep engraving with a laser, because they were designed with lasers in mind. The solid wood and wood veneer products are sanded, semi-matte finish, and oiled, while the MDF and plywood have non-treated surfaces. Trotec's laserable wood products are perfect for signage, display, souvenirs, personalized items, model making, furnishing, art, and more. Please note that wood sheets are cut in metric and converted into imperial measurements so there is slight variation to the thickness and sizing as metric is a more accurate form of measurement.

Product Lines

Solid Wood Panels

Solid Wood Panels

Available in five luxurious finishes our solid wood panels are ideally suited for laser processing.

Veneered Wood

Veneered Wood

Our engravable and laserable veneered wood panels are suitable for a wide range of applications.



MDF fiber board panels with perfect laser cutting characteristics thanks to a high surface quality and homogenous fiber structure.



Our plywood panels made from softwood are perfect for laser marking or engraving and available in different sizes.

Why use Trotec wood products?

The Trotec wood products are selected for laser engraving, laser cutting, mechanical engraving and mechanical cutting. Both the natural wood as well as the MDF and Plywood alternatives allow for fine detail marking and cutting with a laser.

Create your outstanding signange with the natural characteristics of real wood. Being a natural product that offers a high variation of looks and results when laser engraving, depending on laser settings - deep engraving, dark black marking, light surface marking. But why only Trotec wood products? For lasting stability and appearance, Trotec wood products are treated with varnish. Benefit and engraving solid wood, wood veneer, plywood and mdf from Trotec:

  • High quality appearance, authentic look and feel

  • Homogeneous wooden structure

  • Thin varnish finish for surface protection

  • Thickness of 3 mm and 5 mm covers majority of requirements

  • Trotec laserable wood sheet size optimized for laser bed sizes

  • Minimized smoke and residue, minimized cleaning requirement
    (strongly depending on engraving depth)





  • Using a vacuum table can reduce the level of smoke. Masking the wood before laser cutting (e.g. with paper tape)
    does reduce the cleaning requirements after cutting.
  • Furthermore, Trotec offers for each application the appropriate laser exhaust system to reduce the smoke.


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