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Earn money with Trotec’s line of materials

Benefit from our experience as a long-standing laser and material manufacturer, as well as our knowledge about the combination of laser and material. Increase profits by implementing Trotec engraving materials within series production or single pieces to produce signage, and other applications, with customized logos, text and photos.


Provided is an application example of a chain with a solid wood pendant. When producing 100 wood pendants, using a Speedy 360, the costs are as follows:

Input Cost per pieceDetails 
Material $0.22  
Assembly time $0.02 100 pcs:  2 min; $57/hour
Process time $0.42 100 pcs: 45 min; $57/hour
Cleaning time $0.23 100 pcs: 25 min; $57/hour
Leather belt $0.57  
 Total  $1.46  



The market price for an individual, personalized chain with a solid wood pendant ranges from $11.40 - $22.80. This results in the following profit:  

 Profit per unitProfit for 100 units
Margin for the chain $9.94 - $21.34 $995.41 - $2,134.49

Trotec offers solid wood, plywood, MDF and veneer panels, which are specifically designed for optimal laser processing. A natural matte finish provides a high-quality and durable appearance. Use TroWood products to produce customizable customer applications. For example, Trotec’s line of wood materials was used to create a pre-fabricated solid wood box.


Trotec offers a large assortment of acrylic plates in many colors and surfaces with varying degrees of transparency. Because of its outstanding translucency and light transmission, TroGlass products are frequently used for lighted advertisements or backlit POS displays.

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