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Have you always wanted to work on the laser?

laser cutter and materials for fab labs

If you haven't had the opportunity to work on a Trotec laser at school or university, then take advantage of a FabLab or Maker Space. Trotec laser cutters are widely used in research and the digital production of 3D models in industrial design. In FabLabs and Maker Spaces everyone has the opportunity to get to know laser technology and create their own projects and ideas.

Wood, paper, acrylic...

All these materials are common in the educational sector. Some of the most popular materials in education are our laserable wood products. Trotec LaserWood is used in particular for building prototypes and model making. Other favorite materials are also the 100% ecologically degradable material TroCraft Eco, LaserPaper, and our acrylic: TroGlass.

laser wood for prototypes
Case Study - Experience our customers

Are you curious to know what it's like to work on the laser? You can try one out for yourself in a FabLab! One example is "Green Lab," a special customer of ours where sustainable solutions are developed with Trotec lasers. It is an open innovation environment where creativity, collaboration, experimentation, and fun are encouraged. 

laser material for sustainable solutions
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