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Create a bang effect with TroGlass Neon

cast acrylic glass in neon colors

Bring your products to life with this cast acrylic glass! TroGlass Neon catches eyes with bright colors: pink, yellow, orange and green. These four refreshing neon colors draw attention and become the highlight of every product. Test our new acrylic and make powerful statements!

Create great jewelry from neon acrylic

Gain inspiration from our video and also create unique, fashionable accessories of your own. These necklaces are the main attraction - whether at a party, at a festival, or simply for the beach. With these bright and vibrant neon colors in acrylic glass you can also create POS displays, merchandising solutions, gift toppers, key rings, and many designs.

accessories in neon colors
Product details

TroGlass Neon - a cast acrylic glass - combines the advantages of opalescence and striking fluorescence in one product. However, it is not only the appearance but also the optimum properties such as excellent resistance to outdoor weathering that make this product attractive. This neon colored laser material is available in our standard plate format (1216 x 606 mm) with a thickness of 3 mm.

neon colored acrylic glass
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