TroLase Textures

TroLase Textures are dual-layer acrylic based materials, best used for applications in tough environments, where extra scratch resistance and durability are required. The textured, matte surface is non-reflective, strong and easy to clean.
TroLase Textures are UV and weather-resistant, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Exterior & Interior Signs
  • Badges
  • Safety Signs
  • Control Panels
  • Industrial Applications

Sheet size in inch:

Full Sheet 24" x 48"
Half Sheet 24" x 24"
Quarter Sheet 12" x 24"

Material Features:

  • Material: Co-extruded impact acrylic

  • Engraving depth: 0.005", 0.007" Red and Yellow

  • Cutting method: laser, saw, shear

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