TroLase ADA Signage wall clock

Use two different colours of our one-ply laser material TroLase ADA Signage to make a fancy wall clock. It is a perfect engraving material for exterior and interior signs, cut out letters, ADA compliant or tactile signs as well as for model making. In our example, we created a decorative wall clock out of two different layers of TroLase ADA Signage.

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TroLase ADA Signage wall clock
Required materials

What else do you need?

We used a Speedy 360 with 80 Watt and a 1,5" lens.


  • Use the acrylic cutting table 
  • Leave the protective foil on both sides of the material. Remove it after laser processing to protect the material from scratching

process options wall clock
Step 1: Import / create design

Import our design template into your graphic program or create your own design. Send it to the laser machine with the following settings:

Print settings:

Process mode: Standard
Resolution: 500 dpi
Cut line: none
Halftone: color
Others: enhanced geometries, inner geometries first

JobControl parameters
Step 2: Laser cut the engraving material TroLase ADA Signage

The most common application for the engraving material TroLase ADA Signage is laser cutting. Create more-dimensional signs, braille signs, cut out letters and models out of TroLase ADA Signage.

First, position the engraving sheet for the later base plate - in our example TroLase ADA Signage light grey - in the laser. Lasercut the first layout (the outer circle and the hole in the middle) out of this laser material. Afterwards, cut the street design and outer contur out of the top layer - in our case TroLase ADA Signage black with adhesive backing.

Laser parameters to be used:

Cutting (red): Process: Cut CO2, Power (%): 38, Speed (%) : 0.8, ppi/Hz: 1000, Passes: 1, Air Assist: On

finished wall clock ADA
Step 3: Post-processing

Start by removing the protection foil from the base plate. Afterwards pull off the protective foil from the adhesive and glue the two discs together. Remove now the protective foil from the top plate. Mount the clockwork and this extraordinary design object is ready.