Template for processing Trotec dog tags

We will show you a very fast and easy way to process multiple small items. With our step by step tutorial you can create your own jig, saving a lot of time when laser engraving tags for your customers.

Create an individual jig made of laminate, thin acrylic or thin wood - moreover, you can archive it in a folder. 

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What do you need?
Required material:  1 mm - 1,6 mm thin laserable materials. For best results, we recommend using TroLase or TroLase ADA Signage 1,6 mm with self-adhesive film applied to the back.  
Machine used: Speedy 360, 80 Watt with 1,5" lens
Tip: Use the smallest lens you have. Spot size determines the accuracy of the template.

Step 1: preparation

Import our design template into your graphic program and set it according to your requirements.

Step 2: Laser process

Put your material into the laser and cut the upper and bottom side of your template. Clean your templates and stick one above the other.

Step 3: Use the template for laser engraving

Now continue to use your diagram and insert your text into the text window. Important: Please make sure that you send the whole graphic to the laser.

The color red is no longer used as cutting parameter. For the next stage, please go to your material database and set the process "positioning" for red. This step enables to control the position of the template.