Trotec Company Information

Trotec is part of the Trodat family of companies. The innovation leader is setting new standards in the international engraving and marking industry.

Trotec laser and consumables Austria
Global Industry Leader

Founded in 1912, Trodat is a leading manufacturer of rubber stamps and marking products. Its flagship, Trodat Printy, is one of the bestselling stamps with 150 million sales worldwide. The company‘s forward thinking focus on customer‘s needs and commitment to quality has made Trodat a global industry leader with customers in 170 countries worldwide.

Trotec laser systems
Trotec Laser Engraving Machines

Trotec was established in 1992 to focus exclusively on the needs of laser engraving, cutting and industrial marking markets. Trotec lasers are designed and manufactured in Austria. Since its launch, Trotec has received numerous innovation awards and ISO 9001 and ISO 140001 certification ensuring Trotec meets the highest standards both in quality and its environmental footprint. Trotec is a leader in innovation, producing high specification laser machines to make customers more profitable by increasing productivity and improving quality.

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Outstanding results for our clients

We believe in making our clients more profitable. We do so by offering high quality products which are continously enhanced through significant investment in research and development. Our materials are tested thoroughly in our Application Labs across the world to ensure optimum results for our customers. We thrive to offer the best products, both in our range of laser machines and engraving materials, to guarantee our clients get outstanding results, everytime.

Expert for laserable and mechanical engraving materials
What special advantages do Trotec materials offer?

At Trotec, we have over 20 years experience in both laserable and mechanical engraving materials, providing us with unrivalled knowledge to share with our clients. We aim to assist our customers in improving profitability and productivity by supplying Trotec materials which offer superior results, offering additional services and providing a one stop shop solution for materials and laser machines.